Win32 applications

Graphic Editor 96 (GE96)

The graphic editor 96 is the Win32 port of our MS-DOS tiles editor, the GE93. It was used to create some of the graphics for the preview version of Vlamits III and to facilitate transfering our graphic files from one environment to the next. Today we look at it as a crowning achievement, building its GDI interface was a wonderful experience and a very enriching one, it provided me with key insights into the working of Windows.

Object Editor V3 (OBL3EDIT)

The Objects Editor V3 is a successor to GE96 which featured a much more mature interface which provided users with a wide array of tools, including line, circle, box and flood fill.

Redo and undo functions were added. It also allowed the creation of images of variable sizes.

The most recent version is The Objects Editor V4 (OBL4EDIT) a Visual C++ application using Microsoft DirectDraw. To its credit OBL4EDIT is much faster and efficient than the V3. When tested side by side, you can see the added benefits of the new DirectDraw libraries (and assembler code) over the GDI calls.