What others have said...

"I have to admit, I'm hooked on Hegboot - that program is a piece of genius."

-- Iain MacMillan, I.T. Manager

"We have taken a look at the generated html files that the genhtml.php creates and it looks fabulous. It seems that you have created a working episode guide html generator. I cannot express how much I appreciate this. It was something that I thought would take months to do and then suddenly to find out that it was already done in a week... Absolutely amazing..."

"First of all I would -again- like to mention that we are *VERY* impressed by everything you have done. After I got back from holiday, the first thing I did was see what you had done and it took me at least one hour to check everything! *VERY* impressive work."

"I haven't spend time on the back office yet for a while now but i heard from Hu that you made some cool updates there too. Looking forward to see it."

-- Dirk Krijgsman

"The removal system works great. You've done an excellent job setting this all up! It looks great and works great, two things which seldom seem to go together on the web."

-- J.L. Mehr, co-webmaster
Sassociations Penpals

"Thank you so much for doing this! I have put a link on my main page to the database. It will be a wonderful service for the fans."

-- Kym Masera Taborn, Editor in chief