C++ Applications

Sprite Editor

Modern Pixel Editor to edit true color PNG and OBL files.
Key Features:
  • support alpha blending
  • compact color wheel
  • docking views and toolbars
  • support alpha blending
  • multiple views (can be zoomed)
  • customizable shortcuts
  • save/restore layout from previous session

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You can fine tune the color blending and alpha channel transparency separatly.

Multiple views and zoom to edit/preview sequences as animations.

SQL Buddy

This is an application that I wrote to facilitate design, to document and maintain MySQL data models. It includes import and export filters for SQL files, and can also be used to compile descriptive information about tables and fields contained inside a database.
Key features:
  • written entirely in Visual C++
  • lightweight, fast and simple to use
  • allows to prepare a complete datamodel in just minutes

The data model shown on this screen shot comes from a C++ program that I wrote specifically for this project.

Guide Manager

After completing the episodeguides.com's backoffice interface in PHP, I created a client application that our team of maintainers could use to update their guides. Hegboot is a graphical front-end for the Episodeguides.com backoffice. Developed in VC++, it can run on any Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP machine.  more

If you want to get a better feel of what the application can do, you can test the Guide Manager for yourself using these credentials:

username: testuser
password: testuser

download link for the Guide Manager

Hegboot allows data to be entered either via the GUI interface, or as a script. Screenshot of The New Episode Wizard
Various wizards have been implemented to ease your learning curve.