My involvement with started in 2001 when I converted the existing HTML pages into a dynamic form utilizing PHP scripting and a MySQL database.
  • I wrote a custom parser in C++ to extract the information. I also prepared the PHP infrastructure responsible for automatically regenerating the content of the entire web site.
  • I also added an administration section coded in PHP
  • I was responsible for writing the C++ program to allow our team to use the existing PHP/MySQL infrastruture from a comfortable graphic interface.
  • Developing a hybrid content (semi-static, semi dynamic)
    • eliminates the dependency upon a database
    • reduces the load on the server and improves response time
    • diminishes the number of documents that have to be regenerated which makes the system more efficient
    • simplifies the backup procedure for the web site and also reinforces redundancy which makes recovery simpler.
The data model was created with SQL Buddy, a utility I wrote in C++. In addition to the PHP administrative interface, I also programmed a Windows version called the Guide Manager.
This is part of the PHP user interface.
The graphic interface programmed in C++ is faster and more convenient.
This is a latest layout for the web site

I listened to their demands, studied their needs, and devised a strategy to adapt the existing MySQL database and PHP scripts accordingly.
I moved all the static content inside the database and created a back office interface which I developed from scratch
  • allows team members to add, modify and delete sections, articles and other vital data
  • The look of each page is tied to a template.
  • Different sections can have different layouts.
I consolidated the existing PHP infrastructure and rigorously enforced a separation between code and information which allows for better partitioning between tasks.
  • total independence between the developer and those providing content.
  • Modifications improved usability
  • contributed to a significant increase in visitors, from 500 to more than 4000 daily.
Reusability. The layout on every single page is handled by the same code.
Convergence. The data is concentrated inside the database which makes modifying any single aspect of the web site a breeze.
Unity. I reduced the number of PHP scripts which will make future maintenance easier.
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