Linux and multimedia

This application was designed to be fast and run efficiently even on low end machines. LGCK was recently updated to become crossplatform using the latest technologies available.
Our unique design put emphasizes on objects as the building blocks for complex scenarios, each has it's own defined class and inherit properties.
Key points:
  • uses qt for maximum portability under Windows and Linux
  • full implementation of multiple layers and back buffers
  • small and compact data files that support compression
  • written in C++ for optimal performance
  • customizable event model exposed through scripting

Features include a preview window, a pop-up color box, a grid and various zoom-in and zoom-out options.

Scripting API allows for event driven programming.

Interesting facts:
  • maintains a database of reusable components
  • successful integration of C++, scripting and many of the fundamental principles of database programming
  • simply the fastest engine of it's class.

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New IDE streamlines the developement process by combining combining graphics, sounds and musics intended for the multimedia platform.