Sprite Wizard Explained

The sprite wizard will guide you through the process of creating a sprite.

Intro Page

You can select the easy or expert mode. By checking the tick box, you can streamline process but lose much of the hand holding that will help you get familiar with the process.

Select Page

Please pick a role for your newly created sprite. Depending on your choice here, the pathway through the wizard will be drastically different.

Player Player sprite which end-users can control.

Door Doors are blocking obstacles that are accessible to the owner of a key.

Brick/Wall Non-moving obstacles. No possibility of animation or complicated interaction.

Object These are pickup triggers -- they die on contact with the player. These are usually power up, treasures, coins etc. You want to read more on triggers .

Lava/Acid Immediately Deadly. No animation. No special interaction. They just kill.

Monster Monsters have several subtypes.

Key Key is an inventory item used to open doors.

Ladder This let's you create another background sprite derived from the anti-gravity class.

Animated Things This is a special foreground class that allows animations.

Switch The Z-key class was created to allow simple interaction with manipulable mechanism.

Background Just random stuff that doesn't move. Doesn't interact. Doesn't animate.

Monsters Page

If you have picked the monster role, you will get presented with more choices to narrow down what you want this sprite to do in the game.

Generic monster Generic monsters follow a simple path find algorithm.

Platform left/right Platform that moves left to right. Platforms can carry the player. If the player is push against a solid object, the player will be killed.

Platform up/down Platform that moves left to right. Platforms can carry the player. If the player is push against a solid object, the player will be killed.

Wacker left/right Wackers move from left to right. They work just like platforms but they do not carry the player.

Wacker up/down Wackers move from up to down. They work just like platforms but they do not carry the player.

Drone left/right Moves from left to right. It will attack the player that faces it.

Drone up/down Moves from up to down. It will attack the player that faces it.

Vampire plant Doesn't move but will attack they player if adjacent to it.

See Monsters

Images Page

While creating a new sprite you are being presented with two options

Use an existing image set Let's use select an existing image set for this sprite.

Create a new image set Creating a new image set allows you to import new images (as png or obl files) to composite a new set. Use the + and - buttons to add and remove images.

Features Page

These are various sprite features that are best explained in the other section.

See Features Tab.

Death Page

These are special action taken when the sprite dies.

See Death Tab.

Auto Page

These are automatic actions handled by the engine.

For more information, see Auto Tab.

Door Page

This page only applies to doors.

See Door Tab for more details.

Player Page

This page implement player specific options. Some of them are mirrored in the Misc Tab.

Enable Bullet Firing If this box is checked, the wizard will generate event code that allows the player to fire bullets.

These extra fields are only enabled if Bullet Firing is selected.

Max bullets The maximum number of concurrent bullets.

Fire Rate The rate of fire

Bullet Sprite to be used as bullet.

Sound Sound to be played while firing.

Sounds Page

Select sound to be played for each of the following events:

OnSpawn Whem the player is born

OnDeath When the player dies

OnFall When the player falls

OnJump When the player jumps

OnMove When the player moves

generate placeholder handler event scripts You can also have the wizard create placeholder code that can manually fill-in later by ticking this box.

General Page

If you have selected the expert mode you will be faced with this screen.

Name Name of your sprite

Class This is the class that your sprite will belong to. Each class has a predefined general handlers.

Do not "SmartMask" this object. By default, the engine will create collision map for your sprite by eliminating empty portions of each images. You can override this behaviour and have the sprite treated as 100% solid.

System invisible Make this sprite invisible.

See General Tab for more details.

Finish Page

Press the finish button you're done. Congratulation ! You just created a sprite. :D

You can further fine-tune your creation with edit sprite .