Images Sets

Image sets are visual representations for sprites. They can contain up to a theoretical maximum of 32767 images.

Image sets can be imported as individual images, image stripes (in PNG format) or as OBL containers (obl, obl5 files). LGCK builder provides a sprite editor to help you create your own image sets.


To edit the image set associated with a given Sprite. Right-click on the Sprite in the Builder Toolbox and select Edit Images from the pop-up menu.


You can adjust the Image Set using the following button and click Save to commit your changes.

btn_plus.png Insert more images into the Image Set.

btn_minus.png Delete selected Image from the Image Set.

The Edit Image Set button brings up the Sprite Editor to further modify your set.


Alternatively, you can also import a new Image set when you create a Sprite using the Sprite Wizard.

Since Image Sets are shared resources, they can be used by different sprites.

Whenever you are deleting a sprite, LGCK builder will warn you if the associated Image Set is no longer used giving you the option to remove it from the database.