Class HitTest


The HitTest class contains the results of the hit test performed by getHitTest(). That information is a bit mangled so this class provides a wrapper to make it easier to work with.

bkCount is just a count of the number of entries in the bkClass array. The same information can be had using the pound operator (e.g. #bkClass). The same can be said for fwCount and acCount.

fwEntry and acEntry are arrays of objIds. They represent sprites.

If you wanted more information on any of them you could use the Sprite object wrapper.

local ht = getHitTest(self, UP);
local sprite = getSprite ( ht.fwEntry [ i ]  );


  • int bkCount
  • array bkClass
  • int fwCount
  • array fwClass
  • array fwEntry
  • int acCount
  • array acClass
  • array acEntry
  • int flags
  • bool player


  • in int classID
  • out bool
Returns true if the HitTest instance contain reported an object of classID.

For a complete list of classID.


  • in void
  • out bool
Returns true if the hit test area contains a player sprite.


  • in int spriteID
  • out bool
Returns true if the hit test area contains the designated Sprite. Use the SPRITE_XXXX constants to designate the desired sprite.