Insert sprite

To insert an instance of an existing sprite onto the current level, you must first it and then simply drag it from the Toolbox onto the level.

While it is selected, you can either delete it by pressing DELETE or duplicate it (make a copy) by pressing ENTER.

You can bring the level view back into focus by clicking any empty area on screen.

Edit Sprite

Edit sprite will allow you modify the shared properties between all the instances of this sprite.


Customizing lets you specify properties for this one instance of the sprite.

View Code

Modify event handlers for this sprite.

Edit Path

Modify automatic path of this sprite.


Send to back

Send the selected sprite to bottom of the stack. This means that it will be drawn first and overwritten by subsequent sprites in the draw queue.

Sent to front

Send the selected sprite to the top of pile. It will be drawn last and will be displayed on top of all the sprites occupying that position.

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